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Meet Your Trainers

Rachael Matthews
​RN, RMid, Cert. IV in Training and Assessment
​Director, Lotuspoint Training Programs

Hello, my name is Rachael Matthews.

I am 46 and have 4 children ranging in age from 7 to 20 years.  I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife with 24 years experience.  During these 24 years, I have worked 21 of these as a Midwife within the public and private hospital services.  These experiences delivering babies, as well as working alongside of many fabulous obstetricians in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney, have led me to have a huge desire and understanding of what new parents need to help the transition from a single person or couple into a new family as parents.  I have taught antenatal classes at Sutherland Hospital and daily guide new parents in labor and navigating feeding, sleeping, settling their babies in hospital and in their home.

My experience includes:

  • Antenatal clinic Midwife.

  • 21 years of delivering babies (I’ve lost count of how many!)

  • Postnatal care of women in hospital.

  • Community Midwifery where I visited families in the home.

  • High risk pregnancy care at St. George, Sutherland and The Royal Hospital for Women.

  • I have received the baby at many caesarian sections.

  • Neonatal resuscitation certified.

  • Maternal life support certified.

  • Assisted during twin deliveries.

Also, for the past three years:

  • I have been a lecturer at the University of Tasmania for the third year paramedic undergraduate students.  I lectured in normal birth and obstetric emergencies.

  • I have worked as a Tutor for The University of Wollongong with their undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing students focusing on basic life support and teaching them their clinical skills.

  • I have completed my Certificate IV in Assessment and Training at TAFE NSW Illawarra Campus.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge with you! 

Sara Buckland
​B. Business/Communications, B. Nursing, GradDip Midwifery

Hi, my name is Sara.


I am an educated and well travelled professional who is passionate about my career choice as a midwife, my family and community.


I believe that birth matters and that the trusted role of Midwives (or those attending birth) has generational impacts for that family and the greater community we serve.


I spend much of my free time reading, watching, and researching new evidence, narratives and memoirs of midwives and consumers of maternity services.


Over the last 15 years, I have worked, as a Midwife, and volunteered in various roles including antenatal care and education, birthing services, postnatal and community care, plus continuity models.

I am energetic, friendly, and committed to overcoming challenges.


I look forward to meeting you at one of our training days.

Lisa Cutajar
RN, CMid, Clinical Midwifery Specialist - Birth Unit

My name is Lisa Cutajar.


I have over 20 years’ experience in Midwifery care within the public system.  During this time, it has been my pleasure to look after women and their babies experiencing both high risk and low risk pregnancies and birth.  I have enjoyed working in a collaborative team environment however have also learnt to manage obstetric emergencies with minimal assistance (does not happen often - thankfully!)


I am also currently employed at Western Sydney University teaching obstetric skills (normal and emergency) to the Bachelor of Midwifery students.  This passion for teaching extends into the hospital setting where I facilitate students from UTS while they are on their clinical placements.  In my free time I am involved in a research project examining communication practices in the maternity setting.  This project is the basis of my Masters of Research at UNI SA.


My postgraduate courses include:

  • 2016 Teaching on the run -Teacher training program for clinicians

  • 2002 Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Novice Instructor,

  • 2001 Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO), American Academy of Family Physicians

  • 1999 Neonatal Nursing Level 2, Greater Western Sydney, Neonatal Education Consortium


Aside from my three children (one who is looking at paramedic training), my achievements include:

  • 2017 Annual Nepean Research Day Best Oral presentation in the field of Educational Research.

  • 2017 NBMLHD Quality Awards Winner Chairman’s Research Award for ‘Antenatal preparation for childbirth – An observational study’.


I look forward to meeting you on a training day soon!

Lee Ellem
RN, RM, Cert. IV in Training and Assessment

Hey, my name is Lee.


I am a passionate and caring midwife and loving mum of 2 young kids.


I am a registered nurse and midwife and have been working in midwifery for 15 years.  I have worked in all areas of midwifery before finding my passion in education in birth suite.  I love supporting and engaging with women and families as they transition into family life.


I have a keen interest in teamwork and obstetric emergencies and how they come together to improve outcomes for women and babies.  I am currently and have been the midwifery educator and coordinator of antenatal education for 7 years in a large private hospital in Sydney which allows me the privilege of working along midwifery students, novice and experienced midwives and expert obstetricians.


Within my role, I run obstetric emergency skills days at the hospital, and am a certified PROMPT trainer.  I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in the workplace. I really enjoy working alongside other healthcare professionals to improve not only their clinical skills and critical thinking but also my own.


I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming courses.

Wendy Foster
​BMid, Graduate Certificate of Clinical Education, MMid

I have been a Registered Midwife since 2013 and have practiced in a variety of settings including tertiary, rural and remote health.


I started teaching in 2015 and have found a passion for sharing of knowledge and assisting other practitioners to build skillsets and understanding of maternity care.


Working with an interdisciplinary education focus, I have been able to work with numerous health professionals from a variety of backgrounds to facilitate learning in normal physiological pregnancy and birth care, as well as obstetric emergency procedures and management.

As a currently practicing Midwife and volunteer ambulance assistant, I am excited to join the two aspects of my practice to continue enhancing the care of women across the pregnancy continuum.


I firmly believe that knowledge and caring together can make the difference and I look forward to working with others to help make this connection.

Naomi Helm
RN, RM, Cert. IV in Training and Assessment

Hi!  I am Naomi Helm.


I am a mum of four and have been a midwife for 12 years, working through all areas of antenatal, postnatal, home visits and mostly birth suite.


I love empowering women to take ownership of their choices and healthcare.


Following on from my passion of helping women grow in autonomy, I also have an essential oils business called The Oil Alliance where I teach people how to integrate nature’s medicine into their lives.


I love teaching in all areas.


I am friendly and engaging and will make sure you walk away with practical knowledge and confident skills.


I look forward to meeting you!

Sharon Rance
BMid, MClinEd

Hello, I'm Sharon. 

I’ve been practicing midwifery since 2006 and have been teaching midwifery in the tertiary sector at several universities across Australia since 2009.  My passion for teaching was founded while I was a student and was inspired by some remarkable teachers.  I have completed a Master of Clinical Education and I believe that all health professionals have a responsibility to teach and foster the learning of others.


I have a keen interest in inter-professional education and believe that collaboration and respectful engagement with others is key to improving health outcomes.  I have been involved in designing and delivering inter-professional education sessions for groups of health professionals from many disciplines, including paramedics, doctors, nurses and students.


I continue to work in clinical practice in all areas of maternity care and I believe that clinical currency is vital when teaching a practice-based discipline.  I teach using creative and innovative methods which helps people to enjoy learning and reach their full potential.


The prospect of working in this role excites me as I see it will provide the opportunity to share knowledge, research and practice.  This will ultimately strengthen connections between maternity providers and emergency responders which will make a positive difference to mothers, babies and families.

Jessica Spasojevic

Hi!  I’m Jess.


I am a mum of 2 small children and a passionate midwife.


Early in my nursing career I knew I wanted to specialise as a midwife.  I consciously focused my employment and education to that speciality from the beginning.  I have been working in the ‘midwifery’ world for over 12 years - spending my undergraduate and nursing years working in a postnatal ward, special care and well baby nursery.  I went on to complete my Graduate Diploma of Midwifery in 2011. 


I have worked as a midwife at Royal North Shore Hospital until recently when I started at the new Northern Beaches Hospital.  Being a midwife at a tertiary referral hospital has allowed me to gain a deep understanding and knowledge of high risk pregnancies as well as confidence in managing uncomplicated pregnancies and births.

Alongside my regular work as a midwife I have spent time lecturing for undergraduate paramedic students.

I am excited to share my passion and experience with you all in the hope to give you the confidence I feel when helping a family welcome their newest additions.

Karen Topping
RN, RM, Cert. IV in Training and Assessment

Hi, my name is Karen Topping.

I am a wife and mother of two children, my eldest daughter is currently a paramedic intern.  My inter-professional work with paramedics and my daughter's experience in Out of Hospital obstetrics has inspired me to provide further education to Pre-hospital professionals.

I have worked as a registered midwife for 28 years. I completed my general nursing and midwifery training in Northern Ireland where I worked in both professions for 9 years before moving to Sydney, Australia.  Since arriving in Australia, I have worked in the Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District in the birthing unit and currently as a caseload midwife.  In this time, I have accumulated extensive experience in both normal birth, prenatal and postnatal care as well as obstetric emergencies, and this experience has made me passionate to share my knowledge with others.

My official accomplishments and experience include:

  • Nomination award from UTS Midwifery for ‘Outstanding midwifery mentor 2016’.

  • ‘Johnsons & Johnsons National Midwife of the Year award 2015’

  • Guest presenter on Collaborative Care at Nepean Midwifery Conference 2018

  • Presenter at Obstetric Physician education for Normal birth & Obstetric Emergencies

  • Monthly presenter at Nepean and Blue Mountains Health District Paediatric Orientation

I look forward to imparting my knowledge in order to allow you to gain more confidence in obstetrics, as well as sharing a bit of Irish humour in the process.


Training Dates

  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars
  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars
  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars
  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars
  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars
  • Maternity Emergency Team Training For Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

    450 Australian dollars

Contact Us

Rachael Matthews

RN, RM, Cert IV Training and Assessment

Director, Lotuspoint Training Programs


mobile: 0406631610

email: lotuspoint1111@gmail.com


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